Truck & Trailer Rental

Citywide offers several options for truck and trailer rentals in Salina, Kansas. We are a U-Haul dealer and offer their full line of rentable trucks and trailers. In addition, we have in-house trailers available for rent. When you rent a storage unit through Citywide, you can use one of our in-house trailers up to 24 hours absolutely free to move into your unit!

Citywide’s in-house trailer fleet is durable, heavy-duty, and ready to haul. We have the trailers to fit your needs no matter if you’re looking for a basic flatbed trailer rental for moving equipment or an enclosed trailer for moving a home.

Citywide Trailer Rental

Perfect for moving equipment, hauling machinery, and relocating a small house or apartment, our in-house trailer fleet comes in a variety of sizes and configurations.

  • Citywide rents trailers locally
  • Many Sizes Available
  • Completely enclosed trailers
  • Open trailers
  • Flatbed trailers
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U-Haul Rental

Perfect for moving homes and apartments, U-Haul trucks come loaded with amenities. Specifically designed to make moving heavy furniture and appliances easier, U-Haul is the best choice for residential moves.

  • Smoothest, quietest cab ride in the industry.
  • Driver side airbags in all trucks.
  • Specially designed cab and mirrors ensure maximum visibility.
  • Low decks make U-Haul trucks 50% easier to load.
  • Three across belted seating.
  • Appliance & Furniture Dollies plus Furniture Pads.
  • Trailers & Towing Equipment Available.
  • Designed for household moving.
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