5 Hacks To Get The Most Out Of Your Storage Space

Save time and money by using these tips to maximize your storage space, better pack it for easy access and generally make your life easier.

Remember: Your Space Is Three Dimensional

Whatever storage space you rent has width, length, AND height. Bring in portable shelves to add vertical storage. Turn couches and other longer items on end to free up more floor space.

Break It Down

Disassemble furniture before storing and you’ll be shocked at the space you save. Take legs off of tables and completely take apart your bed. Wrap pieces of furniture together using heavy-duty plastic wrap and blankets for safe keeping. Put hardware into Ziploc bags and tape them to the appropriate bundle so they won’t get lost.

Get Creative With Storage

If you’re storing dressers or even appliances like refrigerators, be sure to put as many items into them as you can to maximize your storage space. Pots and pans can be easily stored in an oven. Smaller items and clothes can be stored inside furniture with drawers like a wardrobe. Get creative and avoid wasting space.

Organize Your Space Based On Need

Store larger, bulky items that you’re less likely to need like mattresses at the back of the storage unit. Store essential items that you may need toward the front of the storage space. Leave a center aisle to the back of the unit just in case you ever need something unexpectedly. Doing this will prevent the future headache of fully unpacking your unit to reach one item that you didn’t realize you’d need.

Use Sturdy Boxes & Clearly Label Everything

Pack your items in strong boxes that won’t break down and that will easily stack. Don’t forget to label what is in each box so you have an easy reference when you unpack your storage unit. Place the boxes with the labels facing out so you never have to search long to find an item. (Pro-tip: Write out the specific items that are contained in the box – Don’t just write “Kitchen” and call it good.)