Our Tips for Packing a Storage Unit

A man carries a large box into a storage unit at Citywide Storage in Salina, Kansas.

  • The right packing supplies will make your job easier and will protect your belongings better.
    Citywide offers:

    • Furniture pads
    • Mattress covers
    • Plastic protective covers for sofas, chairs, and other furniture
  • Stacked moving boxes of varying sizes in a storage unit at Citywide Storage in Salina, KS.

  • Place frequently used items near the door and leave a path to the rear of the space.
  • Leave an open-air space around the outside of your unit to aid in ventilation.
  • Use the inside of appliances and dressers to store things.
  • Store sofas and mattresses on end using a pallet.
  • Pack books in small boxes for easier lifting.
  • Store mirrors and pictures on edge – never flat.
  • Use wardrobe boxes for storing clothing, and put shoes on the bottom.
  • Always drain all gas from lawn and garden equipment prior to storage to avoid corrosive damage.
  • Use furniture drawers to hold delicate items. Wrap them in bubble wrap or newspaper.
  • Be careful not to store anything combustible (such as paint and chemicals) or perishable (such as food that is not permanently sealed).
  • Use trash cans to store shovels, rakes and other lawn equipment.
  • When storing delicate heirlooms, use specially constructed boxes, such as wardrobe boxes, and utilize dehumidifiers to prevent mildew build up.
  • Break down items (such as table legs) and store large furniture (like tabletops and sofas) on end to save space.
  • Use protective covers.
  • When storing business files, label all boxes and construct aisles so files are easily seen and accessible.
  • Drain washer and fill pump with antifreeze.