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Stored Property Insurance

Most homeowners and renters insurance policies do not cover damage to personal property stored at a Storage facility. As a result, we proudly offer stored property insurance packages. Your coverage selection will be added to your monthly payment.

Insurance is not available for RV/Boat/Trailer Units.
Choose "None" if you are reserving this unit type.

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Improve Your Move

Citywide Storage is your one-stop-shop for all boxes and packing supplies! We have what you need to safely and securely store all your items for transit and long-term storage.

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Reserve a Trailer

Citywide Storage has selection of trailers available for rent. If you also reserve a storage unit, you will qualify for a free 1 day trailer rental to help you move your stuff. Please note, you will need to provide your own vehicle to tow with.

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Before you reserve your trailer, you will need to choose a pickup date. Select a date below:

If you need to rent a trailer for more than one day, please bring enough funds with you when you come to pick it up.

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We will contact you in one business day to arrange the details of your reservation.

Please bring the following items to our rental office to complete your order:

  • Driver's License or Photo ID
  • Proof of Insurance and Title/Registration if you are reserving a unit for your RV
  • {{totalMoveInPrice}} - Total cost to complete your order (Cash, Credit Card, etc)

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440 N. Ohio Street
Salina, Kansas


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Monday - Friday
7:30 AM - 5:30 PM

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