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What is a Climate Controlled Storage Unit?

Climate controlled storage is like having an extension of your home. It is the ideal storage solution for furniture, records, electronics, musical instruments, photographs, artwork, and other valuables. Some units also feature wall to wall carpeting.

Our climate controlled storage facilities offer the following features:

  • Roll around carts to easily move personal property.
  • Large roll up door for easy unloading and loading.
  • Large staging area for sorting of personal property prior to packing in storage unit.
  • Motion sensing lighting throughout climate controlled building.

Benefits of Citywide’s Climate Controlled Storage Units Include:

  • Units are located inside a finished building.
  • Units are clean and well-maintained.
  • Belongings are protected from extreme temperatures fluctuations.
  • Outside dust and dirt are less likely to be transferred indoors.
  • Exterior security lighting installed on building exterior.
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